In order to encourage Gospel artists and choir groups that need more support from the Christian community to develop Christian Music content of internationally recognised music standards, the "Heal the Land" team is organizing a singing competition that will also serve as a platform to spread a message of blessings over Cameroon and represent our cultural diversity, heritage and values throughout the country.

The Blessing Challenge The Blessing Challenge consists of making an original cover of the song "The Blessing" by Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes in 4 local dialects chosen from amongst the tongues spoken by over 250 tribes across Cameroon.

Each group will have to make a video and send it no later than 15th September 2021 (mid night), for a chance to win up to 500 000 FCFA.

The 03 winners will be voted on online and will get FCFA 500,000, FCFA 200,000 and FCFA 100,000 respectively with an entry to the Heal the Land - The Homecoming 2021 concert each.


Receipt of
applications until 15th Septembre 2021

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The public vote until 05th Octobre 2021

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announcing 3

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are invited to
Heal The Land


imgimg Les vidéos

Discover the covers offered and vote for the group of your choice!

Tribute Sisters

Yaoundé 804 votes

St Joseph

Douala 5440 votes

Les veilleurs de Biyem-Assi

Yaoundé 2817 votes

Makuli Ma Nlima

Bamenda 4470 votes

Adolphe Seppa and Friends

Douala 538 votes

Youth Dreams

Douala 81 votes

Ahava Band

Douala 2118 votes

Fathers Heart

Douala 291 votes

OD Gospel

Douala 607 votes

Glee Ensemble

Douala 307 votes

Celestial Echoes

Douala 7481 votes

Divine Harmony Chorus

Douala 4971 votes