"Heal The Land " is an evening of worship and praise whose vision is to contribute to the strengthening of hope in hearts, restoration of souls and reconciliation by spreading the message of the Lord Jesus Christ through Gospel music.
Gospel music has infinite power over the hearts of men to bring Hope, Peace and Love which we all seek.
The `Heal the Land` project is also a battle for the unity of Christians from all denominations to unite through worship and for the promotion of Gospel music in Cameroon, where the worship musical genre is still at its infancy and struggling to obtain adequate dedicated resources and professional support to bring it to the limelight for its intended purpose - To spread the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and To Glorify the Father, God Almighty through the knowledge, presence and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our missions :

The Promoter

Born on July 2nd 1983 in Bamenda, Felix Sabal-lecco Fosah was raised up in a purely Roman Catholic Christian family and married in the Catholic Church. After a degree in accounting from the Buea State University, he joined an accounting firm in Douala in 2005 and has since 2007 worked in the banking and finance sector.

His journey with God began with a vow his mother made to God that, if God gave her a son, to consecrate him back as a priest in the Catholic Church. Like the story of Hannah (1 Samuel 1:11) and it turned out that she had a son.

Several years later from the age of 11years old, strange signs and events began to occur in her son. He began to receive visions. Several of them manifested later in his life. After becoming aware of these strange events in his life, Felix encountered the Holy Spirit who asked him to lead the body of Christ through gospel and worship music to seek the face and presence of the Father. A mission that the now adult man accepted in 2008.

While working with his choir, The Chorus Singers, and during a professional banking seminar in Ghana, God gave him a vision to set up a gospel music foundation of praise and worship.

The Lord showed him in His word Habakkuk 2:2-3: "Write the vision... for the vision is still for a set time.... wait for it; for it will surely come, it will not be long in coming." He wrote down everything he saw. Then he prayed to God to provide him with both the means and the people to help him. Since then, his course has involved several assignments, the first of which was to organise the event in 2014.

He was instructed to start working on Heal the Land - the Homecoming 2021, in March 2020, immediately after participating in the organisation of worship event with worship leader Ada which held in March 2020 at Canal Olympia in Douala.

When asked what fuels his relentless passion to serve God he answered: "He spared my life so that I could serve Him and He put a song on my lips so that I could praise and worship His name and He instructed me to gather His children to worship Him- in Spirit and Truth".